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Capri Cavanni and Breanne Benson Pantyhose and Panty DVD 2224

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DVD 2224 Capri Cavanni and Breanne Benson Pantyhose and Panty DVD. 60 Minutes.

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Two of the Sexiest Porn Goddesses on the Planet Tormenting you with Their Bodies Covered in Pantyhose and Panties! Two Sexy Scenes Filled with Non Stop Whack Off Material on Your Screen! No Jerk Off Talk in this DVD. We catch Capri and Breanne Dressed in Seamless Pantyhose, Sling Suits, Fishnet Pantyhose and High Keels Looking Hot Assisting each Other with their Outfits! “Why don’t you model this for me? Ok that looks so hot!” Each Model Takes Turns at Showing off and Doing Some Sexy Teasing! “They are so tight! So hot!” Long Shots and Close Ups Views! “Let me get these off! I am going to Bulge out of them! They are so tight on my pussy lips!” Lots of Sexy Girl/Girl Talk! These Two Take Turns Changing into and out of Super Tight Panties! “I feel so sexy in them!” Camel Toe Views! Ass Slapping! “I love the way they feel!” Hot Girl on Girl Pantyhose Body Rubbing! “It’s so tight I have no pussy lips! Let’s try on some more shorts!” Hot Moaning and Groping Sounds! “Pull it right up that ass crack!” Pantyhose Covered Foot Views! “I am excited to try on my next pair! Let’s do it!” Watch and Listen as they Struggle to Pull on their Super Tight Panties! “I love that noise! I can see your pussy!” Panty Covered Crotch Girl/Girl Rubbing Action! “It’s like the 80’s when I wore the panties up like this! I don’t think they could get any smaller!” The Girls Change into Hot Mesh Boy Shorts! “I can see your pussy lips right there! You are doing a good job! It’s giving me a wedgie!” Lots of Ass and Crotch Shots! “I love the little bulge!” If They Weren’t Teasing You Enough Both Girls Pull on Yellow Mesh Bodysuits Over their Outfits! “Let me see you pose! It’s like I’m on the runway! The Next Scene has the Girls Moving into the Kitchen for Some Messy Oil Action in Black Seamless Pantyhose! Lots of Hot Pantyhose Body Rubbing! “You look even hotter! I am going to pour some baby oil all over my ass! Look how sexy you look!” Dripping Views! “It smells so good!” Watch as they Pour Lots of Oil all Over their Pantyhose Encased Bodies! “That feels so good! Pour it all over my ass and let it drip down!” The Models Put on Some Tight White Boy Short Panties and Take Turns Drenching Them in Baby Oil! Puffy Pussy Lips Mashing! Extreme Close Ups! “It turns me on so much! You’re dripping wet!” Sexy Humping and Grinding G/G Action! Non Stop Two Girl Pantyhose and Panty Teasing Voyeur Views! Live Sound! Full Nudity!

Price: $25.00

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