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Here is your chance to get the Model’s Worn Pantyhose, Panties, Stockings, Socks, Used Toys and other collectibles direct from their hot bodies to you!

We are now offering them for sale only here! No auctions Just Buy Them Now! 

The items below were worn by the models during filming of Playtime Videos! Once the shoot is over we take these items and seal them in zip lock bags! We cannot accommodate special requests to have the models wear them for additional time.  

These are unique items so once they are purchased they won’t be available again! So get them while they last!

To order by phone call us at 949-572-1524

Questions or Issues before you purchase just email us at: Ronplaytime@gmail.com

New Models & Previous Playtime Models Interested in Selling Your WORN Items on Our Site with High Payouts email us for details at: Ronplaytime@gmail.com

Check back often for new items!

If you have a question please ask before you purchase any of our items on this site. You cannot cancel an order after its made. 
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