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Caroline Asian Pantyhose Tease DVD 2277

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DVD 2277 Caroline Crazy Blonde Asian Pantyhose Tease DVD. 48 Minutes.

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f you Love Getting Off to a Crazy Asian in Pantyhose and Tights You have Found Your Girl! Three Entertaining and Sexy Scenes from this Blonde Asian Cock Tease! Scene One Caroline is Wearing a Grey Business Suit Complete with Black Ribbed Tights! “How are you? I'm Caroline! Nice to meet you! Are you ready to check out a really cool video? A strip tease!” Caroline Gets Crazy Right Away Showing off her Legs in Tights! This Girl Loves to Tease and Show Off! “How do you like my legs!” Pantyhose Shoe Dangling Views! Lots of Pantyhose Foot Close Ups! Up Skirt Teasing! “It's getting hot in here! Lots of Great Angles! “How do you like my body? Do you want to feel it? Do you want to feel my long legs? I will wrap them around you tight!” Very Playful Girl in Pantyhose! Flexible in Pantyhose! “Naughty boy! What do you see in there? I will have to show you later baby!” Up Shot Views! “I'm going to shit on you!” Crotch Close Ups! “It's warm and wet down there! You want to touch it? Give me leg massage! It turns me on big time! I'm going to come and get you!” Caroline Loves to Show Off for You! Pantyhose Foot Close Ups! Strips Down to Just her Tights! Titty Playing! Up Shot Pantyhose Tormenting Views! “I will sit on you again! I am getting wet!” Strips to Naked! “I wish I got some help!” Very Wet Pussy Close Up Views! Scene Two Caroline is at her Desk Working Wearing a Business Suit and White Opaque Tights! Under Desk Views! “What are you doing down there? Are you trying to peek up my dress? You are so bad!” Pantyhose Foot Teasing! Extreme Close Ups! “That feels good!” This Girl Gets Very Turned on Showing Off for You! “This is special for you!” Hot Views of her Pantyhose Covered Legs! Strip Tease! Pantyhose Crotch Close Ups! Thrusting in Tights Action! Up Skirt Views! Strips Down to Just her Pantyhose! “I've I been a bad girl? This is my office and I can do anything I want!” Over Hose Pussy Rubbing! Rips Open her Pantyhose Crotch to Show off her Wet Asian Pussy! “See anything yet? Peekaboo! “ Pussy Spreading Views! Extreme Close Ups! Caroline Gets Dripped Wet Teasing You! “Don't you just want to cum on the table and fuck me? Naughty Boy!” Scene Three Caroline Wants to Give you a Tour of her House Wearing a Black Top, Black Skirt and Nude Pantyhose with Black Panties under her Asian Hose! “It makes my feet tired!” Merciless Pantyhose Feet Teasing Views! Up Shirt Views! Titty Views! Thrusting Grinding Moves! Pantyhose Panties Close Ups! Strips Down to Just her Hose and Panties! “You like my body? Like it! Do you have a woodie?” Lots of Close Up Views! Crazy on the Stairs Angles! Caroline Goes Nuts Teasing You! Caroline Pulls out a Popsicle and Sucks On It in Just her Hose! “Just perfect for a hot day like this! This is so enjoyable!” Don't Miss this Very Sexual Scene! “I'm good at sucking it!” Extreme Pantyhose Teasing from this Off the Wall Asian Cock Tease! This Girl Loves to Play to the Camera! Strips Down to Just her Black Panties! “I hope you liked my show today!” If you are Looking for Something Different with Your Pantyhose Whack Off Doll Caroline is Your Girl!

Price: $25.00

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